Meet the Bests

Meet Sam (me) (constant over-sharer, travel junkie and a tiny bit dramatic)

I moved to NYC right after college with $800 (note: not being dramatic here)  in my bank account in the hopes that I could make it big in the most intimidating city in the world. Fast forward 8 years later, I didn’t make it big… But I made it big enough for me. I had a successful career at a reputable tech company, met the man of my dreams and started to fill up my passport from countries I never dreamed I’d get to see. In just 12 months, I started dating my best friend, got engaged and married. Now talk about one hell of a calendar year! We decided to quit our jobs and take on our first year of marriage head on, out of a suitcase, exploring the world. Looking forward to writing about our year ahead and sharing it with all of you! XO

Meet Andy (my husband) (perpetual under-sharer, optimist and Editor in Chief)

Andy moved to NYC shortly after college as a 1 year plan that turned into 6 years. When I first met Andy I remember thinking how bright eyed and bushy tailed he was. I thought to myself, damn this city is going to swallow him up. But then I got to know him for real, and I was quickly wrong. He had a wit about him. A slightly cocky Boston ‘tude, if you will. Especially when you pissed him off. I knew I liked him. We quickly became friends and then better friends and then best friends. We realized after some pretty consistent dinners as “friends” that there was a spark there. Andy loves to travel just as much as I do, so in my mind, a part from all the other amazing characteristics he possesses, I hit the jackpot. Andy is the brains behind this operation. He’s the one that brought this dream to life. He would talk about quitting our jobs and traveling pretty early on into our relationship and I thought he was living in banana-land. After a few international trips together officially as a couple, we decided to plan for a year abroad. Andy will be making some appearances on the blog from time to time, so you’ll get to know him yourself here, too.

Follow along, I promise it will be worth the read!